Tools That Keep You Connected

When your child is at Doodle Bugs!, you never have to miss a moment. From daily reports to password-protected live streaming, you’ll always be in the loop!

WatchMeGrow Live Streaming

WatchMeGrow provides enrolled families secure, password-protected web viewing of our classroom and playground video cameras. Parents can see their child at any time, through any internet browser or on your mobile phone or tablet.

Digital Daily Reports

Digital daily reports help parents stay connected. You’ll receive daily reports, photos and videos in the communication style of your choice (emails, texts or push notifications) and easily communicate with your center.

Monthly E-newsletter

Stay up-to-date with the Doodle Bugs! community with our monthly e-newsletter! Each newsletter, delivered to your email inbox, is packed with information on upcoming events, news, ways to bring our Bravo! Curriculum home and more.

Healthy Menu

We know how important our food choices are and we are excited to feature a menu that is filled with leaner proteins, healthier grains and fresher ingredients.