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October 7, 2014

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #209

October 2014 Employee of the MonthHenry

Henry Seege, Administrative Office Cleaner

Henry has been a part of the Doodle Bugs! team since January 2007. His behind-the-scenes attention to detail, conscientious attitude towards costs and quality of products, and positive demeanor demonstrates his loyalty to Doodle Bugs!. He is always willing to lend a helping hand to the home office team and maintenance team and works hard to maintain a clean, organized office environment. That dedication is not unnoticed to home office staff as they enjoy a pleasant working environment.

Henry is often smiling and enjoyable to be around, giving the impression to others he likes being in the office. He makes an effort to ensure the training room is free of debris and garbage, no matter how much there is after a successful team training day! Despite being unseen by so many Doodle Bugs! faculty and team members, Henry plays a huge role in upholding our commitment to quality. His work ethic and positive personality is what makes him so deserving of this recognition. The doodle community is a better place because you CARE!

Thank you, Henry, for being a part of our doodle team!Print