Our Curriculum

A Child-Centered Approach

At Doodle Bugs!, we believe children are learning at all times and the teacher’s role is to facilitate and enrich that process. It’s why our curriculum perfectly blends guided facilitation and constructive learning.

Our BRAVO! lesson plans provide teachers with the framework, but also the freedom to customize the learning environment and experiences to meet children where they are. Whether that’s on a tabletop, at the easel, in the blocks center, in the dramatic play area, or on the floor, we encourage children to learn in ways that are most comfortable for them.

Learning in Every Way

Take a look at how our classroom environment encourages positivity, curiosity and community from the moment your child walks in.

Friendly greetings Friendly greetings
Daily routines Daily routines
All ears listening All ears listening
Personal attention Personal attention
Room to grow Room to grow
Emotional and social nurturing Emotional and social nurturing
Intellectual stimulation Intellectual stimulation
Creative expression Creative expression
Integrated learning centers Integrated learning centers

Friendly greetings

Every child is greeted at their eye level. Warm hellos, high fives and hugs show everyone is welcome and sets a positive tone for the day. This caring greeting also helps children feel safe and comfortable.

Daily routines

When children know what to expect, they feel more at ease with day-to-day activities. A consistent schedule helps a child seamlessly transition between designated meal times, playground and nap times.

All ears listening

Our compassionate teachers respond with fitting body language and tone of voice to validate every child. Making eye contact and the use of positive touch helps build a child’s confidence and social skills.

Personal attention

When children are valued as a unique individual, they feel safe to learn at their own pace. Our teachers constantly adapt and adjust to ensure each and every child can thrive.

Room to grow

Children are given the space to learn and play their way for critical thinking, self-reliance and confidence that goes well beyond the classroom. A love of learning starts here!

Emotional and social nurturing

Social and emotional skills help a child self-regulate, communicate with others and be empathetic. In our classrooms, we guide a child to process all of their emotions, make friends, and work with others to form a classroom community.

Intellectual stimulation

Theme-related and age-appropriate experiences build brain power and develop early academic skills, while allowing our teachers to strike a balance between guided facilitation and constructive learning.

Creative expression

Children who are encouraged to be imaginative learn to express themselves more completely. We offer opportunities across all mediums, including listening to music, painting, playing pretend and much more.

Integrated learning centers

A variety of hands-on activities are presented to reinforce or challenge a child’s developmental skills. These are always interconnected; as children learn math skills, they may also develop literacy and social-emotional competence.

Enriching the Whole Child

A curriculum is much more than suggestions for classroom activities. It’s everything that happens during the day.

Our exclusive BRAVO! lesson plans are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach, which embraces a self-guided philosophy that encourages children to express themselves in different ways. It combines theme-related, age-appropriate classroom experiences, amazing enrichment programs and our dynamic learning centers. This is all carried out with the belief that children learn best when they are actively engaged in the learning process.

Explore Our Programs

You can always be confident that our custom curriculum will create the ideal learning experience for your child. See how it comes to life for every age group.

Nurturing Lifelong Learners

Our Preschool and Pre-K curriculum is complemented by our partnership with Ignite by Hatch. Ignite offers a digital learning platform with over 200 play-based experiences across 7 domains of development. It promotes kindergarten readiness and builds on the skills we learn in the classroom.

Children can also access the program from a tablet at home, all while parents and teachers stay in the loop with notifications that detail the student’s progress.