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School Age

Safe, supervised and convenient care!

We understand that the need for safe, supervised care extends well into children’s elementary school years. Doodle Bugs! provides guided and intentional learning experiences while encouraging school agers to explore their own interests. Teachers create an environment that includes artistic expression, intellectual curiosity, physical activity, and collaboration with peers. When children attend for a full day, field trips and special events add to the fun.

Program features such as reliable year-round enrollment, flexible scheduling, and transportation make enrollment convenient. Our program provides the supervision and structure that school-agers need and the fun and flexibility they enjoy.

Safe and supervised Children are supervised in small groups by qualified adults who provide meaningful individualized attention

Fun-filled days Unique program features assure that the Doodle Day is fun for all ages

Active and engaged Our program gives equal attention to growing minds and growing bodies through indoor and outdoor play

Totally convenient Flexible scheduling, transportation options and a variety of programs make Doodle Bugs! totally convenient

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Our Bravo ® Curriculum

Curriculum is much more than suggestions for classroom activities. Curriculum is everything that happens during the day. Our Bravo! curriculum lays the foundation for creating a high-quality learning environment and fostering nurturing, responsive relationships.

Curriculum is much more than suggestions for classroom activities. Curriculum is everything that happens during the day. Our Bravo! curriculum lays the foundation for creating a high-quality learning environment and fostering nurturing, responsive relationships.


Explore and discover.

Science experiments, sensory play and thematic projects teach observation and investigation, cause and effect, critical thinking and environmental awareness.

Creative Arts

Express and create.

Art, music and dramatic play promote self awareness, creative expression, aesthetic appreciation, leadership, problem solving and critical thinking.


Grow and thrive.

Gross motor activities and organized games promote coordination and positive feelings about physical activity, making fitness fun.


Think and solve.

Board games, group activities, blocks and manipulatives are fun, interactive ways to practice basic arithmetic skills and math concepts like numeracy and patterning, problem solving and critical thinking.

Language Arts

Speak and share.

Books, storytelling, dramatic play and literacy games promote language and literacy skills. Center events and small group projects also exercise literacy skills in a fun, hands-on way.

The Fun Never Stops!

There’s always something fun going on at Doodle Bugs! Children’s minds and bodies stay active with a variety of activities that make the Doodle Day even more interactive. Participation in enrichment activities varies by program.

Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do helps children to develop balance, coordination, confidence and positive feelings and fitness and physical activity.

Doodle Dance & Fitness

Dancing teaches free self-expression and nurtures an early love and understanding of music and rhythm. It’s just one of the fun, exciting ways for children to exercise throughout the Doodle Day.


Yoga helps children develop social skills, focus on the present, and slow down their thoughts, in addition to increased coordination and flexibility. Yoga at an early age encourages self-esteem and acceptance through exercise in a non competitive, fun atmosphere.


Doodle Day

for School Agers

We understand that your family’s need for safe, supervised care extends well into your child’s elementary school years. Doodle Bugs! provides an interesting, educational and fun recreation program, supervised by qualified adults. Students enjoy a balance of planned activities (arts and crafts, sports and games, group projects) and time to unwind (indoor/outdoor play, reading, drawing). When your school ager attends for a full day, field trips and special events add to the fun.

Before/After School Care - Providing the supervision and structure that school agers need and the fun and flexibility they enjoy, Doodle Bugs! is the ideal program for before and after school care. Every afternoon features our innovative Happy Hour program, so creative learning experiences are guaranteed! Each day also includes organized sports and games, indoor/outdoor playground fun, and time to unwind with friends. Quiet time is also available for homework. As an added convenience, transportation is provided to and from most local elementary schools.

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Vacation Club

When elementary schools are closed for holidays or teacher conferences, our program provides a safe, supervised environment for children to enjoy games, crafts, computers and other creative learning activities.


Stormy Day Club

Inclement weather and emergency school closings create a real problem for working parents, but Doodle Bugs! provides families with a reliable child care solution. Parents know that Doodle Bugs! will be available when needed most.


Sports & Games

Doodle Bugs! is the perfect place to shoot some hoops, practice soccer drills, or join a game of “Mother May I?”. With lots of sports equipment and plenty of enthusiasm, teachers lead Game Time everyday.

Playtime includes organized games and sports, as well as time to exercise and just enjoy the great outdoors. Our incredible playgrounds are stocked with fun equipment, from basketball hoops to parachutes!


Learning Centers

Our learning center approach means that children always have choices about how they want to learn and play. A variety of learning centers (interest areas) are open throughout the day, including easels, blocks, puzzles, board games, arts and crafts, sand tables, science experiments, and more.


Special Events

We believe that celebrating the “little things” is one of the joys of childhood, so special events frequently add to the fun at Doodle Bugs!. From National Popcorn Day to the Olympic Games, there’s always something to celebrate.


Field Trips

Spending a full day with us? Field trips add to the fun and provide children with hands-on learning experiences. Everyone loves hopping on the Doodle Bus to explore local attractions - zoos, farms, parks and museums are some of our favorites.


Our teachers are happy!

Doodle Bugs! teachers are respected, professional educators who exemplify our playful, individualized approach to learning. Teachers bring creativity, warmth and personality to each Doodle day, forming strong relationships with both children and their families. Doodle Bugs! is committed to the ongoing growth and development of these valued members of our community.

Well-qualified Doodle Bugs! recruits talented, educated teachers who are passionate about early childhood

Nurturing and responsive Teachers respect and respond to the diverse needs of children and families to develop a community of learners

Dedicated Teachers are genuinely committed to children, families and the craft of teaching

Support and growth Training, mentoring and leadership programs help teachers grow professionally and personally

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Classrooms & Facilities

View Our Facilities Page

Classrooms & Facilities

View Our Facilities Page


From the learning centers to the furniture, every aspect of our classroom is designed to enhance your child’s education.

Doodle Day Camp combines skill-building and summer fun so that your children stay active and never stop learning. With clubs, field trips and special events, as well as everyday educational opportunities, every single day is a new experience. Enroll for one week or the whole summer - it’s up to you!

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