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May 29, 2019

What should my child bring to summer camp?

Contributed by: Lauren Wierzbicki, Education Specialist

At Doodle Day Camp, you can expect lots of PLAY! Our summer camp programs are designed to ensure that campers, ages 3 – 12, are provided with plenty of hands-on play activities, both inside and outside, that encourages them to spend the day building relationships with peers and teachers and exploring plenty of new concepts, too – like magnetism, physics, mindfulness, and engineering.


To be prepared for the ultimate summer vacation, your child will need:


1. A change of clothes, or two!

Our camp transforms to celebrate a new theme each week with daily special events and activities that are centered on the week’s theme. Activities like Challenge: Super Heroes during “What’s Your Super Power?” week bring the whole center together. Other times, activities include small group exploration of slime, mud, art materials, and other messy substances!

Don’t worry; we have smocks available to help protect children’s clothing if it’s an especially messy experience, but it’s also good idea to have an extra pair (or two!) of clothes.


2. Sunscreen lotion and sneakers

We consider the outdoors an extension of our classroom, so you can expect to see art, science, dramatic play, and many other activities happening on the playground and outdoor play spaces. Sunscreen (the lotion kind, no spray) and sneakers are essential to keeping children safe outdoors – make sure your child has these items available every day.


3. Swimsuit and towel

Speaking of the outdoors, water play in the sprinkler and lots of other water-based games are a favorite part of the summer camp experience. Be sure to pack a swimsuit and towel each day.


4. Water bottle

Staying hydrated, especially during the summer months, is essential. We are very active at camp, so pack a water bottle, too – teachers will make sure that your child drinks water throughout the day.


5. Your sense of adventure!

Our summer camp program also includes four clubs. Clubs offered to campers each week include: Book Club, Garden Club, STEAM Club, and Sports Club. Teachers offer at least 2 clubs a day and each club at least once a week. Campers are welcome to choose the club they would like to participate in every day – this allows children to create a camp experience that most appeals to them.

Children, kindergarten-bound and older have the opportunity to go on field trips throughout the week. Center managers plan field trips with the belief that children should get exposure to community experiences, with the opportunity to reflect on the trip with teachers and peers. Doodle Bugs! sends an extra teacher on every field trip, along with a cell phone, first aid kit, and emergency information to keep children safe at all times.


If you’re interested in learning more about why Doodle Bugs! promotes play with children of all ages, check out the article from We the Parents.


We’ll see you at the Ultimate Summer Vacation!