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September 30, 2016

Unit 2 Curriculum Resources

Unit 2, “Communities,” invites children, teachers, and center community members to partake in an exploration of the people around us. For toddlers, preschool, pre-K, and school agers this is arranged in 6 weekly topics that support the overall concept of communities. These include: “My Neighborhood,” “Farms & Markets,” “Transportation,” “Construction,” and “Community Helpers 1 & 2.”  All of these weeks build upon our Unit 1 “All About Me,” topic by expanding children’s perspectives of their world while continuing to strengthen essential social-emotional skills. The resources below are vital to successful curriculum implementation and are necessary parts of the program. Enjoy these exciting upcoming weeks guiding children as they learn and grow!



  • Unit 2 Art & Craft Guide– Children of all ages enjoy art! This resource is filled with open art activities, as well as supplemental crafts.


  • Unit 2 Infant & 1YO Yoga Guide– This resource is intended to provide teachers with yoga games, activities, and poses to incorporate into their daily routine.


  • Unit 2 Infant, 1YO, Toddler Sign Language – Research shows that children who experience sign language are more likely to develop communication skills sooner. This resource has additional ASL tips and signs.


  • Unit 2 Yoga Guide (toddler and up) – This yoga guide is intended to provide teachers of toddlers and Children who are 3+ with yoga games, activities, and poses to incorporate into their daily routine.


  • Unit 2 HWT Guide– This “Handwriting Without Tears” guide introduces students to the HWT program. View the entire 2016 HWT Sequence and Pacing Guide to better understand this progression.


  • Unit 2 Preschool Math– Preschool children will be introduced to “math talk” to build important math vocabulary, explore concepts in “same and different,” and learn about all the math tools available in their classroom (and how to take care of them.)


  • Unit 2 PreK Math– Pre-K children will be reoriented to “math talk” and classroom materials; build familiarity with math tools to practice matching identical objects, sorting by color, making pairs,  and sorting into two groups.


  • Unit 2 Recommended Reading – Utilize this list of books virtually available through technology to supplement your classroom library. Nothing is as good as turning the pages of a real book and listening to it come to life, but it’s also nice to offer new voices through online resources like these.


  • Our Seasonal Supplement offers our northern centers some options to embrace the Fall/Winter season.