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Our Teachers

are Happy!

Doodle Bugs! teachers are respected, professional educators who exemplify our playful, individualized approach to learning. Teachers bring creativity, warmth and personality to each Doodle Day, forming strong relationships with both children and their families. Doodle Bugs! is committed to the ongoing growth and development of these valued members of our community.

Well-qualified Doodle Bugs! recruits talented, educated teachers who are passionate about early childhood

Nurturing & responsive Respecting and responding to the diverse needs of children and families to develop a community of learners

Dedicated Genuinely committed to children, families and the craft of teaching

Support and growth Training, mentoring and leadership programs help teachers grow professionally and personally

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We Want You To Thrive

We live by our declaration of, “Happy Children, Happy Parents, Happy Teachers.” Our promote from within philosophy, paid professional development and continuing education resources allow our employees to flourish, advance and vigorously develop their Early Childhood Careers!


We love happy teachers!

Doodle Bugs! offers many benefits for full and part time employees.

Weekly Paychecks

All employees are paid weekly - no need to stretch paychecks two weeks or a month!

Paid Time Off & Holiday Pay!

Full-time employees accrue PTO after 90 days of employment. Part-time employees are eligible through various professional development programs and perfect attendance. Teachers also receive a full paid day for 6 major holidays falling on a weekday.

Full Medical Coverage

Full-time employees are eligible for medical coverage, health savings accounts and flexible savings accounts.

401K Matching

Doodle Bugs! offers a 50% match, up to 4% gross income, on your 401K savings!

Paid Planning Time

Lead teachers are alloted paid planning time each month.


Never stop learning!

Our rigorous Middle States Accreditation (MSA) Standard ensures that our Doodle Bug employees “remain committed to continuous improvement in student learning and to its capacity to produce the levels of learning desired and expected by its community.”

Paid Training

Teachers are paid for all approved training hours, including new hire orientation and monthly faculty meetings.

Professional Development

We've invested in teachers' ongoing professional development, including bonuses for mentoring and leadership programs.

Career Advancement

Our Director-In-Training, Center Ambassador, Mentoring and Leadership programs help you take your career to the next level!


You're always appreciated!

We’re dedicated to happy teachers! Doodle Bugs! strives to support our teachers, showing them appreciate them any time we can and creating a mutually beneficial employment relationship.

Brand Integrity!

Contribute employee recognition posts on our Brand Integrity online platform and earn points to be redeemed for gift cards!


We show our appreciation through referral bonuses, employee of the month and year awards and the perfect attendance award.


Teachers have access to free financial and legal consultations as well as free concierge service for assistance with travel, pet care and event planning. Teachers also receive 24/7 access to a virtual fitness trainer and a free comprehensive health risk management assessment.


Additional Earning Opportunities

Doodle Bugs! works hard to provide employees with opportunities to thrive in their early childhood education careers. Employees are eligible to participate in a number of additional earning opportunities.

Leadership Program

Participate in our Leadership Program, a six-month commitment to collaborate with the administrative office on continuous improvement initiatives!

Bug Squad

We are always accepting applications for team members interested in helping to promote Doodle Bugs! at events in the community.

Mentor Program

We are always accepting applications for team members willing to advise and guide new employees on the path to success.

Our Bravo! Curriculum

Designed by our in-house education team for well-rounded development through all ages of early childhood.

Our Bravo! curriculum is designed by our in-house education team to facilitate learning through play. Children naturally learn best through hands-on exploration and discovery. In the process, they grow to love learning, preparing them for a happy and successful future. Each day, children might solve math problems, play pretend, do yoga or build friendships. Within Bravo!, each of these moments is tailored to nurture children and help them grow. At Doodle Bugs!, every interaction is a learning experience.

Learn more about our curriculum

Classrooms & Facilities

View Our Facilities Page

Classrooms & Facilities

View Our Facilities Page


From the learning centers to the furniture, every aspect of our classroom is designed to enhance your child’s education.

We Give You The Tools That Keep You Connected

Parents of children at Doodle Bugs! never have to miss a moment. From daily reports to password-protected live streaming, they’ll always be in the loop!

Connect with your learning community!
Watch-Me-Grow Live Streaming

WatchMeGrow provides enrolled families secure, password-protected web viewing of our classroom and playground video cameras. Parents have the opportunity to see your child at any time, through any internet browser - even on your mobile phone or tablet.

Tadpoles Daily Reporting

Our daily reporting app, Tadpoles, helps parents stay connected. You'll receive photos and videos right to your email or smartphone, along with details about your child's day.

Monthly Newsletter

Stay up-to-date with the Doodle Bugs! learning community with our monthly newsletter! Each newsletter is packed with information on upcoming events, news and more.

Monthly Menu

With our monthly menu, you’ll always be in the loop about your child’s health and nutrition.

Classroom Connection Letters

Classroom Connection Letters provides a rundown of upcoming curriculum along with tips to connect what your child learns at Doodle Bugs! with what you do at home.