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September 16, 2013

Read For The Record 2013

Read for the Record is rapidly approaching! Last year more than 2.2 million people read the same book on the same day, to celebrate literacy and promote awareness – and this year promises to be even better!READ FOR THE RECORD- 2013[1]

Many of you were a part of this national event, making last year’s featured story come alive! On Thursday, October 3rd, we would like you to join in the fun once again. This year’s featured story is Otis by Loren Long.

Please visit http://www.jstart.org/campaigns/read-record to pledge your participation.

At minimum, every Doodle Bugs! classroom is expected to read Otis to their students and extend the story with at least one age-appropriate, related activity.

For your convenience, activity guides are available at: http://www.jstart.org/campaigns/rftr-activity-guidesw.jstart.org/campaigns/rftr-activity-guides

And an electronic version of the book is available at:

http://www.wegivebooks.org/books/otic—rftr-english (advance registration is required – it’s a quick sign up!).

Please also see your director for additional site-specific details and center-wide plans pertaining to this event. Guest readers are welcome and encouraged!