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May 1, 2020

Our Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Updated June 19, 2020

All Doodle Bugs! centers are currently open. We are pleased to introduce new disinfecting equipment that will help us to continue providing safe and quality child care.


Virus fighting equipment exclusively at Doodle Bugs!:
  • Our eco-friendly Zono sanitizing cabinet will allow staff members to disinfect toys, cots, mats, iPads, and more throughout the day*.
  • New ozone generating equipment and electrostatic sanitizing sprayers have been purchased and will be used after hours to safely disinfect entire classrooms*.
  • Our HVAC (heating and cooling) system is equipped with UV lights to kill bacteria and viruses. All units are being inspected to ensure they are working properly.
  • Additional hand sanitizers are being installed at the center.
Policies and procedures have been revised, including the following:
  • Doodle Bugs! will operate according to state and local regulations. As new policies are created, we will adapt our operations to meet these new requirements.
  • Children who are ill may not attend the center and must remain at home according to our center policies. Any child who becomes ill at the center will be separated from the other children and must be picked up within one hour. Center policies regarding child absences remain the same, and tuition credits are not provided.
  • Staff members are required to have their temperatures taken when they arrive at the center. Should any employees become ill at the center, they will be sent home.
  • Parents will be permitted inside the building, however social distancing protocols will be implemented as best as possible (for example at check-in monitors).
  • Parents should conduct lengthy conversations with our staff by telephone.
  • Vendors and visitors will be permitted inside the center by necessity and appointment only.
  • Our staff members will more closely supervise all handwashing. Children are required to wash hands at drop-off, each time they return to the classroom, after toileting, before and after lunch, and as directed by our staff.
  • Face masks or coverings are currently required to be worn by parents and staff members at the center. Children are exempt from this order at child care centers; however you may supply one at your discretion. For safety reasons, children under the age of two will not be permitted to wear a covering of any kind. Once the order expires, face coverings will be optional.
  • In the event a parent, child, or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, they will not be permitted into the center until cleared by their physician or as directed by our local health agencies.
  • In the event a household member of either a child or staff member tests positive for Covid-19, the child or staff member will not be permitted to return to the center for 14 days or as directed by our local health agencies.
  • We will confer with the appropriate government agencies regarding center closures due to Covid-19 illnesses at Doodle Bugs! or within our community. If the center temporarily closes, tuition will be billed in full for the first 7 days of closure. Tuition will be reduced to 50% thereafter, and additional consideration will be applied for lengthy closures.

We will continue to adapt to Covid-19 and make additional changes as conditions warrant.


Summer Camp

Due to schools being closed early this year, we will begin Summer Camp on Monday, June 1 at all centers.

Please inquire by contacting us at 866-668-5111 or email customer.service@doodlebugs.com.

*All Florida, Pennsylvania, and Buffalo centers. In Rochester available at Greece, Henrietta, Penfield & Webster