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May 2, 2022

Meet Ashley Dobrick: May Employee of the Month

Miss Ashley is a shining example of our employee creed, the Doodle Bugs! Way. In addition to being a Lead Teacher, Miss Ashley is also the center opener. She consistently delivers a personalized experience to every parent and child that walks through the door, greeting them with a warm welcome and thoughtful questions that shows she cares.

Her managers admire the way she holds herself and her co-workers accountable. She takes ownership of questions or concerns and consistently sees them through to resolution.

Ashley’s team loves her commitment to helping others. Whether it’s curriculum coaching, assessment support, or helping with behaviors in a classroom, Ashley is always willing to step in and assist. She is an enormous asset for training new teachers in the center.  Her experience and in-depth knowledge of early childhood education is invaluable to our Doodle community.

Ashley continues to go above and beyond for her entire team. Her managers call her their ultimate MVP. We’re so happy she’s here!