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January 29, 2016

#FlashbackFriday: A Doodle Duo

Once upon a time, Lisa and Emily (now teachers at our Cheektowaga center) spent their weekdays together, much like they do today.

Lisa and Emily with text

In 1996, Emily began attending an infant program at a local child care facility where Lisa worked. A couple years later, Doodle Bugs! purchased the location and Lisa and Emily were part of the Doodle Bugs! family!

I can still remember that group of children. They were an excellent group. I remember Emily’s smile as if it were yesterday! -Lisa

In 2001, Emily completed Pre-K and graduated from Doodle Bugs!. As she grew, she remained close with three of her doodle classmates. Today, those girls are still three of her best friends– a true testament to the importance of the friendships and social skills learned at Doodle Bugs!


Fast forward to 2016. Lisa remains a beloved infant teacher at our Cheektowaga location and now Emily is her co-worker! In fact, today Lisa and fellow infant teacher, Karen, are celebrating their 18th anniversary with Doodle Bugs! Eighteenth!! Virtual high-five to Miss Lisa and Miss Karen! Wow!

Lisa Karen and Emily

Lisa and Emily now

We know we hit the Doodle Lottery with these ladies and couldn’t be happier to have them as part of our family. This story has us smiling from ear to ear and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves. Happy #FlashbackFriday!