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May 3, 2011

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #62

“Today was good.
Today was fun.
Tomorrow is another one!”
– Dr. Seuss

Today’s edition of Team Tuesday celebrates the ‘fun factor’ at our Orchard Park center:

  • “You say it’s your birthday! It’s my birthday, too!”  Doodle birthday celebrations now include boogie breaks! Sara (Center Director) announces every child’s and teacher’s birthday by playing the classice Beatles’ song over the intercom. Everyone gets up to dance and sing – this has become a fast, fun center tradition!
  • Hokey Pokey Friday: If it’s Friday, get ready to put your whole self in and shake it all about! Everyone looks forward to the Hokey Pokey, which Sara plays over the intercom every Friday. This shared moment of silliness reminds the entire center that celebrating the ‘little things’ is one of the joys of early childhood!
  • Snack Day: As a small gesture of their appreciation, Sara and Kate (Director Assistant) hosted ‘Snack Day’ for their teaching team. Yummy sweet & salty snacks were provided in the faculty room as a ‘thank you!’  for a job well done.

Many thanks to the entire Orchard Park team for sharing in the fun and to Sara & Kate for providing this sneak peek!