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February 9, 2016

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue 250

For this week’s Team Tuesday, we’re pleased to feature three Doodle Bugs! team members. The individuals highlighted today have recently been recognized by their peers for their efforts to deliver a WOW experience—one of the key elements in “living the Doodle Bugs! way”.


Birthday Superstar!

I would like to recognize Miss Alexis for the personalized birthday cakes that she makes for the children at our center! A friend in my class had a birthday yesterday, and Miss Alexis came in on Wednesday and asked him what kind of cake he wanted (Star Wars), and what color he wanted it to be (Black). When my friend saw his cake, which Miss Alexis had decorated with light sabers, he was so excited and wanted to show all of his friends. Thank you, Miss Alexis, for making sure that our children have a truly special day!

Outstanding Zoo

Today I received a “ticket” to the zoo in classroom 11. All of the children had on child-made zoo keeper costumes. The greeter/tour guide was very informative. I was very impressed with the zoo keepers knowledge about penguins, elephants and monkeys. The gift shop was also very creative. When complementing Christy on this experience for the children, she gave the children all the credit and said it was their idea. Her ability to be responsive to the needs of the children in the classroom created wonderful memories. Thank you, Christy, for transforming your room into a zoo for the afternoon.

Classroom 7’s Biggest Fan!

Miss Jerri is going above and beyond embracing her new preschool room and all of the kiddos in her class. Miss Jerri has a friend in her class that is going through a transition from his walker to brand new crutches! Jerri is this little man’s biggest fan! I always hear her words of encouragement while walking in the hallway, which brings the biggest smile to his face. She is so responsive to the needs of her children and embraces the diversity of each and every one of them. She is constantly thinking of new ways to keep transition times smooth and incorporating every child’s individual needs. Thank you for all you do Miss Jerri, your students and our team love you!


Thank you to Alexis, Christy and Jerri for these examples of the many ways that our faculty members work as one team. We also extend our appreciation to Lauren, Marissa and Kara for taking the time to spot and celebrate these examples of team members demonstrating “the Doodle Bugs! way” — together, we’re building an amazing community of happy children, happy parents, and happy teachers!