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May 2, 2012

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #109

In today’s edition of Team Tuesday, we would like to recognize a lead Infant Teacher at the Orchard Park Center, Erika Markin.

Erika has a loving, sincere, and encouraging way with her infants. She is always positive and kind, and her effort to engage babies in learning is always evident in a variety of ways. She strives to always go the extra mile in all she does and has truly wonderful relationships with her families and all of her co-workers.

“Parents are always commenting on how much they just love her and all that she does here at the Orchard Park Center!” says Sara Utech, Orchard Park Center Director. “She is very responsive to the infants’ needs and makes curriculum & sensory exploration a fun priority.”

Thank you Erika, for taking time to go the extra mile and for showing your infants, colleagues, and families that you CARE!