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February 12, 2011

Doodle Bugs! Friday Five

“Children learn as they play.
Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.”
— O. Fred Donaldson

Happy Friday! We understand that children learn best when they take an active role in the process, so a doodle day is best described as hands-on learning through hands-on fun! Enjoy!

  1. When Mother Nature was uncooperative and frigid temps kept us inside, we brought the great outdoors, indoors! (West Amherst)
  2. Paint + props = lots of surprises! Messy art experiences delight our littlest learners, whether they are confidently painting or observing a friend. (Henrietta)
  3. Families’ participation in special ‘assignments’  (like collecting 100 things to celebrate the 100th day of school) helps to strengthen the home/school connection. (Lancaster)
  4. Block play encourages creativity and confidence! (East Amherst)
  5. February is National Dental Health Month! This thematic unit included visits from local dentists, an original performance by our school age students, and plenty of hands-on learning experiences. (Orchard Park)

Have a great weekend! Be sure to visit our Facebook page this weekend to check out our Dental Health 2011 photo album!