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June 21, 2016

Differentiating “Lights, Camera, Action” Week

We’re rolling out the red carpet as campers create their first feature film! This week naturally plays to multiple learning styles as children are invited to write scripts, design costumes, audition, build sets, and practice film techniques behind the camera!


The events this week walk your camp community through the process of creating a film together, but some days will be more focused on actors and videographers, while other days will be focused on building sets and making costumes. Make sure everyone feels included every day by making sure the rest of your classroom environment (whether indoors or out) offers something for everyone. Here are a few ideas:

CF93DG Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA

Monday, Behind the Scenes Day – As writers begin crafting the story and the camera crew experiments with filming, make sure those who are disinterested in those areas have their own “behind the scenes” engagement. These friends could get a head start on mixing the salt dough or art plaster for the All Day Walk of Fame Center, choose their own project from the Art & Craft Guide and make a list of materials they need, or fill the Yo-Yo Science balloons for outdoors. Depending on their Club preference, there’s plenty of ideas to pull from there as well!


Tuesday, Casting Day – Writers will hand over their scripts and actors will audition for the parts and begin practicing. Your camp costume designers and videographers will continue preparations for filming, but your writers may need a job if those areas aren’t appealing to them. They may be interested in creating a theater program or flyer promoting their classroom film. Plant the seed and see what happens!


Wednesday, Filming Day – As production heats up and cameras start to roll, behind the herclass042916b_17095385_8colscenes friends may need some options aside from simply observing the action. The suggested “Craft Service” and “Costumes & Makeup,” “Rock Painting,” and “Red Carpet” centers are great options, but you may need some more big body gross motor activities to balance the space (both indoor and outdoor). Try offering a large cardboard box to create a bean bag target or hula hoops and timers to create a contest!


Thursday, Famous Favorites Day – While there may be some filming and editing left to do before tomorrow’s big reveal, today is all about the glam! Campers are invited to dress up as a famous favorite, participate in a parade to check out the rest of the center’s celebrities, and add their star to the Doodle Walk of Fame. With all of the lights, camera, and action today, some campers may need some spaces to retreat. Consider dedicating some time to creating a cozy reading nook, writing corner, craft stick sculpting area, or art table/easel that lends itself to quiet self expression.


Friday, Show Time – Today’s a busy day putting the final edits on the class film and gathering with the rest of the center to view each ca10fd455829fe494ed36d549cadffb40bmp classroom’s work! Spend a little time reflecting on the week before this day starts and design your environment based on what campers have enjoyed most. Don’t forget to balance your space and your day with areas to be quiet and expressive through art, times to be loud and active!