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December 13, 2013

Read, Review, Reflect

Teaching and learning go hand-in-hand. As teachers, it’s essential that we focus on our professional development – staying in touch with educational trends and approaching each day with an interest in learning and sharing new ideas.

With articles, videos, and countless other resources at our fingertips, it can sometimes be difficult to determine where to begin! The “Read, Review, Reflect” series is designed to support you in your growth as a professional, encouraging you to enhance your interactions with children in three simple steps:

  1. READ – Read through the selected articles. These have been previewed by the Education Team and provide excellent food for thought.
  2. REVIEW – Need to see it in action? These video clips make related topics come to life!
  3. REFLECT – Note your observations on the provided worksheet, then s hare your thoughts with your supervisor on her designee (a mentor or a trusted colleague can be a great resource, too!).

Additional ‘modules’ will be added to this series throughout the year, so please be sure to check back regularly.

Module 1: Alternatives to ‘Good Job’





Contributed by Christina Fecio, Director of Education & Training, www.doodlebugs.com