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July 2, 2012

Doodle Bugs! Standard of the Week: 07/02/12

Everyone – floater, lead teacher, assistant, director, administrator, etc. – shares responsibility for children’s safety. This week’s SOTW reminds us, specifically, that every team member is responsible for making sure that a child is never unattended, not even for a minute.

We cannot overstate the importance of counting and recounting – every child must be accounted for at every moment.

Directors (and their designees) must enforce these expectations without exception. Teachers must use the tools we have (Attendance Alert Cards, School Leader tracking, visual monitoring, etc.) everyone must count, count, and recount throughout the day. Teachers must also use good judgement  when moving to/from the classroom – a simple step like having one adult be the first person out of the room/leading the line and the other adult be the last person out of the room/ending the line helps to keep children safe.

The SOTW will be posted for parents to see, in the faculty lounge, and placed in each classroom’s mailslot.

View the current SOTW as a .pdf here: Count & Recount