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August 22, 2013

Back to School Tips


As we slowly wind down the last days of summer, it will soon be time to pack up all the beach toys, close down the corner lemonade stands, and prepare for going back to school.

There is always so much excitement about starting the new school year, whether it may be the changing in grade levels, new clothing, new shoes, or that awesome new backpack filled with school supplies. Back-to-school time also inevitably brings many changes for children and families. Kelly White, a Pre-K teacher at Doodle Bugs! East Amherst location, shares three helpful tips to ease the transition:

  • Be positive. Both parents and teachers share an active role in making transitions smooth and secure for children as they move on to a new educational setting. It’s important that parents be enthusiastic about the upcoming changes because if you’re excited and confident, your child will be too! Teachers should be welcoming to both children and families and provide developmentally appropriate activities that are interesting, challenging, and doable to help them feel comfortable and interested. Patience and understanding from both teachers and parents will help children approach new situations with confidence!
  • 178905_10151518492286220_1564863312_nEstablish a routine. Routine and structure is never easy to get back into especially after enjoying summer fun! It may take some time and be a bit challenging at first but as you get into the first couple weeks of school, it will all eventually begin to fall into place. Parents are urged to ease children into a consistent ‘school night’ routine, beginning a few weeks before school starts. It will allow them to be well rested and ready to learn in the morning. Teachers should plan a day filled with a consistent routine that the children will follow daily. Children like routines and feel safe and secure when they know when and what is taking place is next. Enforcingrules will help set the boundaries of the classroom and help the children learn responsibility and independence.
  • Eat breakfast! A balanced, healthy breakfast will give children and adults the energy they need to be alert and happy throughout the day. Don’t underestimate the power of breakfast, said to be the most important meal of the day.

Parent and teachers can use these simple tips to start the year on a great note. Have a fun and exciting year!