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October 30, 2014

What’s It Like to Be a Doodle Bugs! Teacher, You Ask?

Introducing our guest blogger: Ashley Stenzel is a lead preschool teacher at our Orchard Park, NY center. She offers an inside look at what it’s like to be a teacher at Doodle Bugs! and insight on the opportunities for early childhood education providers within the Doodle Bugs! Children’s Centers company. She is an active participant in several Doodle Bugs! initiatives, and her hard work and dedication to our program and its success is extraordinary. Ashley truly lives the C.A.R.E. values and is a valuable member of the team. Here is her story…ashley1

I have been working at Doodle Bugs! for almost 5 years now. I started working at Doodle Bugs! as a teacher assistant in February 2010 because I wanted more experience and to see what else was available in the early childhood education field. Boy, did I pick a great place to go! While working at Doodle Bugs! I have learned so much! I learned about how much Doodle Bugs! truly cares about every child that walks through the door. We have a professionalism that speaks volumes to the outside community. We have policies to ensure that children are safe and clean every day.

I became a lead toddler teacher in 2012 and I am now a preschool teacher. I am working with the Bug Squad team, which is where a group of faculty members go out into the community to promote our programs and brand. I am also a care provider for the Buffalo Bills and Sabres during the home games. I also am a mentor to the new employees at Doodle Bugs!, which is a great program and really helps acclimate new faculty members to the Doodle Differences. When you are new you automatically are paired up with a mentor. Whenever you need a suggestion, question, or opinion, you can go to your mentor and he or she will be more than willing to help! I have a dream goal to eventually be a director assistant at one of the centers to help out fellow teachers out even more!

I love watching my students grow and learn every day. I was able to stay with my first group of students from toddler to preschool. It was a joy watching them learn to talk; then learn their colors, shapes, numbers; and eventually letters! Some began reading their name! While working at Doodle Bugs!, you get a huge satisfaction while impacting the lives of these precious little ones.

If I had any advice to give new teachers it would be to always remember why you went into teaching. Keep a symbol in your teacher cabinet to always remind you. During those “bad day” moments (cause we all have them), look at that symbol. It will help you throughout the day. My second piece of advice is if you love something, for example music, bring that into the classroom! Bring in a guitar, keyboard, or small drum set. Let the children learn about you and you can make an even stronger connection with your students.


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