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January 9, 2013

Circle Time Suggestions

Here are some additional activities that will enhance January themes.

Indoor Snow Fun

Lead the children around the room, pretending to stomp through the snow. Have them lie down on their backs to make “snow angels” and toss cotton balls to have a snowball fight! If the weather cooperates, you can, of course, enjoy the outdoors!

Skating Fun

Have the children take off their shoes and put on pretend ice skates. Lace them up tightly, then play music and let them slip and slide across the floor as they “skate” around the room.

Melting Snow Pals

Have the children stand straight an tall, pretending to be snow pals outdoors in the icy cold. Then dance among them, pretending to be a ray of warm sunshine. As you touch the snow pals, have them begin to slowly “melt,” sagging their bodies until they finally reach the floor.

Exploring Ice

Freeze water in different kinds of containers to make various ice shapes. Place the shapes in one or two plastic dish basins that have been partially filled with water, and let the children play with them. Point out how the ice shapes float; can the children make them sink? As, “Does the water become warmer or cooler as the ice melts?”

What is Snow?

To find out what your student knows about snow, divide a sheet of chart paper into three columns. Label the columns with the headings “Snow Looks,” “Snow Feels,” and “Other Words About Snow.” Then encourage the children to describe some things about snow, and decide in which column their descriptions fit. After completing the chart, share some of the snow facts from “Important Stuff to Know.”

Musical Mitten Match-Ups

Gather enough pairs of real or paper mittens for each child in your class to have one mitten. During circle time, place one mitten from each pair on the floor in the center of the circle; put the mates in a box or a basket. Give one child a mitten from the box or basket and have him search for the mate while his classmates sing this song:

Each Mitten has a Mate

(to the tune of If You’re Happy & You Know It)

Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.

Each mitten has a mate, has a mate.

Can (child’s name) find the pair?

(He/she) is looking here and there.

Can (child’s name) find the mate,

Find the mate?