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May 3, 2012

Best Bubble Solution Ever

Bubbles! What makes these light-weight phenomonoms so interesting? Young children love chasing bubbles, older ones like blowing them, and everyone loves popping them! With the warmer months approaching, make a batch of “The Best Bubble Solution Ever”, take your class outside and start having a ball!

You will need: 6 cups of water, 2 cups of DAWN dish soap, bubble wand tools (straws, stirrers, potato masher, paper towel tubes, fly swatters, PVC piping, your hands)

  • Mix the water and the dish soap in a large Sensory Bin.
  • Allow the children to blow bubbles with the objects provided.
  • Can the children think of other items to use to create bubbles?
  • Science Fact: According to Lisa Murphy, the Ooey Gooey Lady, “Bubbles are the perfect example of surface tension! Surface tension causes the surface of a liquid to pull together and create a ‘skin’ on the surface for the liquid. Bubbles are actually thin balls of liquid with air trapped in the center.”

One last tip: Choose a dish soap, like DAWN, that contains glycerin. Glycerin acts like a glue to hold the bubbles together!