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March 3, 2012

Animal Tunes for “Zoo Theme”

It’s time for our two-week Zoo Theme! Your classroom will be filled with the sounds of elephants stomping, lions roaring and bears snoring.

Don’t forget – children love singing about animals! Here are some great Animal Tunes to share with your children. Have fun!

The Little Monkeys

Three little monkeys sitting in a tree
(hold up three fingers and bounce the)
Teasing Mr. Alligator, “Can’t catch me!”
(point and shake index finger)
Along came Mr. Alligator,
Quiet as can be and – snap!
(walk index fingers up arm).

Two Little Blackbirds

Two little blackbirds (hold up index finger of each hand)
Sitting on a hill.
One named Jack (hold right hand/finger forward)
One named Jill (hold left hand/finger forward)
Fly away Jack, (wiggle right finger and place behind your back)
Fly away, Jill (wiggle left finger and place behind your back).
Come back  Jack (bring finger back)
Come back, Jill (bring finger back)

The Elephant
The Elephant goes (move on all fours, slowly swaying like an elephant)
Like this, and like that.
He’s terribly big, (stand up and reach arms up).
He has no fingers, (hold hands in fists).
He has no toes,  (point to toes)
But goodness, gracious!
What a nose! (put thumb to nose and wiggle fingers)

Zoo, Zoo, Trip to the Zoo
to the tune of “Skip to My Lou”

Zoo, zoo, trip to the zoo,
Zoo, zoo, trip to the zoo,
Zoo, zoo, trip to the zoo,
Early in the morning.

I saw a tiger and a bear and giraffe,
The monkeys and gorillas make me laugh!
And then the hippos took a bath!
Early in the morning.

The lions and the tigers gave me a fright!
Zebras’ coats are black and white.
Elephants stood at great height.
Parrots flew as high as a kite
Early in the morning.

Guess Who?
(Hold up a picture of each animal)

I’m clever and sly,
my den is made from rocks.
I have red fur and a busy tail,
I am a ______ (fox)

The baby in my pouch
is looking straight at you.
I hop on my 2 legs.
I’m a momma ______ (kangaroo)

I can fly very high
I am well-poised and regal
My eyesight is great
Because I am an ________ (eagle)

I’m large and I’m slow
My big feet make a dent
I have a long nose
I am a big, huge _____________ (elephant)

I look like a horse
I certainly won’t keep ya,
My fur is black and white,
Of course, I am a ____________ (zebra)

Keeper in the Zoo
sung to the “Farmer in the Dell”

The keeper in the zoo,
the keeper in the zoo,
Heigh-ho! The derry-o!
The keeper in the zoo.
The keeper feeds the (bears).
The keeper feeds the (bears).
Heigh-ho. The derry-o!
The keeper feeds the (bears).