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October 11, 2017

Intergenerational Connections – Friends at First Sight

This week a new group of friends visited our West Amherst center. Flossi, Bernie, Doris and Frank are residents of Brookedale Niagara Assisted Living; It’s easy to see, they fit in immediately.


During the visit, friends, young and old, had a blast singing, playing and laughing. But, it what was happening in the midst of these activities that was so genuine, heart-warming and powerful. Intergenerational connections provide so many benefits for our children, older adults, families and communities – we couldn’t be happier that we’re helping to foster these important relationships.

Here’s  to  many more visits from Flossi, Bernie, Doris and Frank in the coming months, and the pen pal communication in between. We can already see the magic unfolding.