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June 8, 2012

Flower Book Marks

Create these Dried Flower Book Marks with your children so they can use them during DEAR Time, free play or Book Club!

Photo Credit: http://littlegreenfingers.typepad.com

The art of drying flowers has been practiced for hundreds of years. The Egyptians used it to make perfumes, cologne and make-up. During the Middle Ages, people used dried herbs and flowers (called tussie-missies) to make bad smells and diseases go away. The Japanese believed in an art form called Oshibana, which is the craft of pressing flowers to save the beauty of the plant. In the Victorian times, it became very popular to wear flowers on your jewelry, gloves and hats.

You will need: Con-Tact paper, flowers and leaves, ribbons, beads, paper, single-hole punch, wax paper


  • Place flower petals and leaves between wax paper and place in a heavy book for a couple of days.
  • Cut out a book mark shape and 2 sheets of contact paper to match the size.
  • Find a fun quote to write on your book mark, or write your name and decorate.
  • Peel backing off of one contact paper sheet and carefully place pressed flower on the sticky side.
  • Position the flower so it is on the book mark.
  • Press down so there are no bubbles.
  • Place the other sheet of contact paper on the back.
  • Using a hole punch, punch a hole on the top of the book mark.
  • Thread yarn through and make a tassel and add beads.

Happy pressing, and happy reading!