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April 15, 2020

Eco-Friendly, State-of-the-Art Sanitizing Technology Added at Doodle Bugs!

Health and safety have always been guiding principles at Doodle Bugs! We believe care and education are interdependent facets of early childhood so we’ve always promised a commitment to both. Now, more than ever, these principles are essential priorities.



Eco-Friendly Sanitizing Technology


Over the next two weeks, state-of-the-art sanitizing technology will be installed at all 15 of our corporate facilities. This upgrade places us among a few national centers, and the only center locally, to have this technology.


The ZONO Sanitizing Cabinet is a “green” sanitizing and disinfecting system that is based upon technology used in the medical device and food processing industries. The system kills 99.9% of common bacteria and viruses including one of the hardest to kill, Norovirus. ZONO is expected to be effective in killing Covid-19, however this claim cannot be made until independent testing is conducted.



ZONO uses no harsh chemicals to sanitize hard and soft items like blocks, dress-up clothing, dolls, nap cots and more. Instead, it uses ozone created from ambient air, water and electricity to sanitize porous, semi-porous, and nonporous surfaces.  With the ZONO, sanitization takes only 30 minutes, so items can be sanitized throughout the day.

Additional Sanitizing & Disinfecting Equipment


Doodle Bugs! has also purchased additional ozone generating equipment and electrostatic handheld sprayers to sanitize and disinfect entire classrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and hallways on a regular basis.


This new technology will be used in conjunction with our existing health and safety practices and equipment— like our commercial duty HVAC systems that utilize ultraviolet light in the ductwork to kill both airborne and surface bacteria, contaminants and viruses.


Thank You!


To our Doodle community, thank you for your support. And, to all who are health care providers, or anyone working to keep our necessary services going, we truly thank you.