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December 5, 2011

Celebrating Holidays = Building Community

‘Tis the season! Doodle Bugs! December curriculum is centered on the belief that celebrating holidays is a natural way to build community. Focusing on children, their families, and their family traditions strengthens the home school connection and helps to build a respectful, inclusive community.

Teachers are encouraged to be mindful of the following:

  • Put simply, culture is about people –  the way they live their lives and view the world.
  • Don’t think about “teaching culture”. Rather, think about including every child in the program.
  • Learning about holidays can broaden children’s awareness of their own and other culture’s experiences.

Our goal is to introduce children to the following ‘big ideas’:

  • Different families may celebrate different holidays.
  • Not everyone celebrates every holiday.
  • Families may celebrate the same holiday in different ways.
  • “What my family does is valued at my school.” Family traditions are the heart of the holiday season!

When thoughtfully implemented, holiday celebrations are not only fun, they also enhance children’s positive feelings about being part of the school community.

Doodle teachers, we’d love to hear about the traditions that you and your students are sharing this month!