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February 10, 2015

Yoga Resources- March April 2015

March and April yoga plans invite teachers to use past poses and introduce a few new ones in creative ways! You and your students will be collaboratively creating yoga games, stories, and obstacle courses!

March April 2015 Yoga Guide


To help you quickly reference poses, use the links below:

Table Pose

Plank Pose

Chair Pose

Bridge Pose

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose

Butterfly Pose

Flower Pose

Star Pose

Crescent Moon Pose

Shooting Stars

Kite Pose

Rainbow Pose

Cat Cow Pose

Downward Facing Dog Pose

Triangle Pose

Three Legged Dog Pose

Giraffe Pose

Monkey Movement

Lion Pose

Polar Bear Pose

Snake Pose

Frog Pose

Rabbit Pose

Spider Pose

Airplane Pose

Mermaid Pose

Ragdoll Pose

Dolphin Pose


Warrior II Pose

Reverse Warrior Pose

Clock Stretch

Happy Baby Pose

Child’s Pose

Floor Bow/Basket Pose