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December 1, 2016

Unit 4 Curriculum Resources

Unit 4, “Amazing Animals,”  …

The resources below are vital to successful curriculum implementation and are necessary parts of the program.

  • Developmental Goals & Objectives– What are children learning and why are they learning it? This resource is intended to  provide additional insight into the curriculum concept map– which can be found in the 2016-2017 Curriculum Implementation Manual.
  • Art & Craft Guide– Art in its truest form is an experience in self-expression which allows children to learn more about themselves as much as they learn about the tools and mediums at their disposal! This resource is filled with open art activities, as well as supplemental crafts and gift ideas!
  • Recommended Reading– Utilize this list of books virtually available through technology to supplement your classroom library. Nothing is as good as turning the pages of a real book and listening to it come to life, but it’s also nice to offer new voices through online resources like these.
  • Sign Language Guides – Research shows that children who experience sign language are more likely to develop communication skills sooner. There are so many benefits in giving young children multiple avenues to communicate.
  • Yoga Guides
  • HWT Guide– This “Handwriting Without Tears” guide builds upon units 1 & 2, introducing new letter formations while cycling through previously introduced content for reinforcement. View the entire 2016 HWT Sequence and Pacing Guide to better understand this progression.
  • Math Guides
    • Preschool Math– In Unit 4, we’ll encourage ongoing “math talk,” build competence in understanding of “same and different” and 2D shape recognition (concept reinforcement), and introduce and reiterate more and less (concept development).
    • Pre-K Math Overview– In Unit 4, we’ll help pre-k children identify measurable attributes of objects, such as length and weight, and describe measurable attributes using correct vocabulary (big, small, short, tall, empty, full, light, heavy.) We’ll also build competencies we worked on in Units 1 & 2 (rote counting, 1:1 correspondence, cardinality, recognizing written numerals, and ongoing math vocabulary.