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November 14, 2015

Unit 3 – Art and Craft Guide

The Art and Craft Guide for Unit 3 is available at the link below:

Unit 3 Art and Craft Guide
Picture1 The objective of Unit 3 is for your students to have meaningful art and craft experiences during each and every doodle day. This will happen in your classroom by…

  • Customizing each daily art activity based on children’s interests. Any of the options can be used at any time. Repeat activities or omit others at your discretion as you reflect on each children’s interests and abilities.
  • Making sure that (1) the easel is open and open-ended and (2) the art cart/art center includes a variety of “extra” materials to encourage creativity if your art choice is more product-oriented (a skill-builder, rather than an open-ended art experience)
  • Repeating art and craft experiences. Repetition is necessary to gain mastery of a task. If experiences are truly student- centered, the product will always be different.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Director for clarification!