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August 9, 2016

Unit 1, 2016 Resources

Unit 1, “All About Me”, invites children and teachers to learn about themselves and each other, and also explore emotions, the five senses, and more! Thematic weeks within this unit include: Welcome, Friends; I Am Special; My Feelings; My 5 Senses; My Family; and My Home. This resource is intended to provide you with additional information, guides, and options for facilitation in your classroom.

  • Unit 1 Art and Craft Guide– Children of all ages enjoy art! This resource is filled with open art activities, as well as supplemental crafts.
  • Infant & 1YO Yoga Guide – Unit 1– This resource is intended to provide teachers of infants and 1 YO children with yoga games, activities, and poses to incorporate into their daily routine.
  • Unit 1 Toddler+ Yoga GuideThis yoga guide is intended to provide teachers of toddlers and Children who are 3+ with yoga games, activities, and poses to incorporate into their daily routine.
  • Preschool Math_Unit 1_2016– Preschool children will be introduced to “math talk” to build important math vocabulary, explore concepts in “same and different,” and learn about all the math tools available in their classroom (and how to take care of them.)
  • PreK Math_Unit 1_2016Pre-K children will be reoriented to “math talk” and classroom materials; build familiarity with math tools to practice matching identical objects, sorting by color, making pairs,  and sorting into two groups.  
  • 2016 Unit 1 Recommended Reading – Utilize this list of books virtually available through technology to supplement your classroom library. Nothing is as good as turning the pages of a real book and listening to it come to life, but it’s also nice to offer new voices through online resources like these.
  • Our Celebrating Grandparents Day is Wednesday, September 14th! This preparation guide will help you get ready to welcome these special family members to your classroom.