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May 22, 2015

Summer Scrapbook Guide

Supicstitch logommer Camp 2015 Scrapbook Guide


2015 Expectations

  • This year, the program requirement is for each Summer Camp classroom to create a scrapbook (rather than 1 per camper).
  • Each classroom will create a google drive photo album titled “Summer Camp Scrapbook”
  • Each week, at least 1 Picstitch collage should be created and uploaded to this folder; at minimum, this means that each classroom will have 10 great collages shared by the end of the summer.
  • At summer’s end, we’ll generate a link that you can share with campers and their families.



Tips and Tricks

  • A Summer Camp Scrapbook “How To Video” has been added to your classroom google drive account. In the “Curriculum” Folder, open “Resources,” then “Tablets,” then “How To Videos.”
  • Include children in the process! Invite them to take pictures of the moments they cherish the most. Then, when it’s time to make the collage, invite children in small groups or large group to help you choose photos, write captions, and add any other décor.
  • Don’t forget to include pictures of any field trips, ticket stubs, or other memorable mementos.
  • As you build your classroom scrapbook, some children may also want to create an individual scrapbook too – this is always OK! You can create child-specific subfolders on GD (First name and last initial only) or go old school and just provide art materials – check out this link for some inspiration.



 Additional Ideas


  • Involve campers in creating weekly “Photo Booth” props – be sure to have a sign that  displays the theme and the date – then be sure to capture photos of every camper!


  • Consider engaging the Book Club in special Scrapbook tasks – photographing, pic-stitching, adding text, editing, etc. are all important jobs.


  • Experiment with adding a few video clips to your GD folder too! To add to the fun, campers can interview one another or do a “Week in Review” report.


  • Think outside the box to supplement this idea – why not dedicate one full bulletin board as a “scrapbook” too, for campers to add drawings, photos, jokes, and autographs?