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March 13, 2012

Setting Your Classroom Environment: Is your classroom ready?

An effective way to prepare your classroom is to see it as your children do! Get down on the children’s level and discover what they see. Take photographs to “really see” the space and yourself these questions:

1. When a child enters the classroom, do they see an attractive space? Do you like what you see?

2. Will the child find this place to be warm and homelike?

3. Are the children’s materials grouped together based on how they are used? (fine motor, gross motor, math, writing, dramatic play, etc.)

4. What are the sounds of the classroom?

5. Can each child recognize who lives and works in this space? Can they see familiar faces in this space- family, friends, etc.?

6. Is children’s work displayed in an attractive manner that can be appreciated by children, parents, and teachers?

7. Are a variety of areas available: quiet, active, messy, and large or small group?

8. Is there a place to pause and reflect?

9. Is there a beautiful area or display that can be enjoyed? Are any of your displays interactive?

10. Is there a teacher who wants to create a wonderful space for children?



An Environment that Positively Impacts Young Children By Rebecaa Isbell, Ed.D