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December 4, 2013

Put Away the Mommy Guilt

IMG_3899For years now the mommy wars have had working moms and stay-at-home moms comparing whose battle scars are the deepest. One such scar, particularly for working moms, is centered around the topic of child care.  No matter how you spin it, putting your child in someone else’s care is a very scary situation and a decision that is not taken lightly.

Once you find a high-quality child care, the anxiety doesn’t magically dissipate. You spend probably close to three or four hours with your child a day, wondering if those nine hours you’re apart makes you a terrible parent.

So, when articles, such as this one, surface and showcase how healthy and beneficial child care can be (to child and mom!), there’s a collective sigh of relief that can be heard from working mothers everywhere.  For Doodle Bugs!, being on the other end as the provider of high-quality education-based child care, it’s a collective nod of agreement.

To contribute to this topic, we wanted to provide a few benefits of high-quality child care we’ve discovered on our own:

1.       Early Childhood Education

The trend isn’t just day care, it’s educational child care. This means that while your child is getting lots of hugs and emotional support, they are also learning from a professional, standards-based curriculum.

2.       Social Interaction

This is for mom, too! It’s hard working full time and then trying to squeeze playdates in on the weekends. Not only does your child get lots of playtime and social experiences as mentioned in the above article, but parents do too through center events and social gatherings. Think it’s hard to make friends as an adult? The best place to start is at school!

3.       Health and Fitness

There’s no comparison to mom’s home cooking or playing outside with dad, but knowing your child is getting daily exercise, participating in dance or Tae Kwon Do and eating fresh, nutritious meals is almost as good. There’s that sigh of relief again…

To learn more about educational child care and Doodle Bugs!, visit www.doodlebugs.com.