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March 6, 2014

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think…

I had a moment this morning, a moment that inspired me. And to be honest, I needed a little inspiring lately. It’s easy to forget why we do what we do day in and day out. Well, I was reminded of that today and it got me thinking.482637_10151426177501220_1888423198_n

This morning started like any other. My children both woke up at 6:15 calling out for “Mom” as they always do. I got them both from their rooms and we started our usual morning routines.

I ran downstairs to grab a coffee and when I returned my son had grabbed a Dr. Seuss book from his room. “Look what I found in my room, Mom!” he said with excitement. “It’s Dr. Seuss! I love him!” Well of course my 2-year-old daughter could not be without a book of her own so she ran to her room and found another Dr. Seuss book that she could read as well. Suddenly, our usual morning took a twist; we all cuddled in bed for a while, as we looked at the pictures and read the silly books. (Sorry if I was a little late this morning).

I eventually, reluctantly, pulled away from the Seuss excitement to start to get ready, however, that did not stop my children! I listened from the bathroom as I heard their little footsteps run around the house to collect every Dr. Seuss book we owned. “We’re going on a Seuss hunt!” was their chant as they ran around! They squealed with excitement when they would find another. The laughter I heard from them as they “read” the books to each other was infectious. I couldn’t help but smile as I continued to listen from afar. I also couldn’t help but to think, how many other little “doodle buggers” out there have been inspired this week? How many little “love of literacy” fires have we started?

525294_10151426185211220_1092782525_nIt was that moment … one of those moments that hits you like a freight train. It makes you feel proud, grateful, inspired all at once. To someone else this might have been something over looked. As my husband said this morning, “What’s with the Seuss mania?” I just smiled. I knew. I know my children are lucky to have amazing teachers that inspire them every day. They get them excited to learn, read, sing, explore. They give their all day in and day out to make my children better little people. Do my children love books and love to read? Sure they do. But they would never have had the excitement they had this morning without the love and guidance of their teachers.

I tell my teachers all the time that you cannot take for granted the impact you have on these little ones every day. Everything you do and say impacts them. It’s easy to say … it’s easy to hear … it’s also easy to forget.

Well, this morning I was reminded. So I hope to continue the inspirational cycle. You inspired my children, my children inspired me, and I hope to give you some inspiration to be the very best you can be today and every day.


Contributed by Molly White, Clarence Center Director and loving mom to two fabulous kiddos.