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January 8, 2014

Introducing Renee Warren, Penfield’s New Director

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the Doodle Bugs! Penfield location: Renee Warren joins the center as the new director. Marissa Lee has been promoted to the RoRenee Wchester Regional Manager, so families will still see her smiling face from time to time.

Renee has her bachelor’s degree in childhood education and her master’s degree in literacy. She has extensive teaching experience in several Rochester school districts and joined Doodle Bugs! last June as the assistant director at our Webster center. Her experience and knowledge makes her an invaluable part of the doodle community!

Upon joining Doodle Bugs!, Renee was “blown away” by how warm and inviting the center was and the positive, welcoming faculty members. She knew instantly this is where she is supposed to be and the interactions with the children and parents make her role so rewarding.

Her goal as the new director is to continue to offer a safe, welcoming educational environment where the children feel excited to attend. Renee looks forward to developing strong relationships with the parents and teachers from the Penfield center.

Please join us in welcoming Renee in her new role!