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August 26, 2013

Homework in Preschool?

With the new school year approaching, be prepared for inevitable questions about homework. Some parents request it, convinced that it’s necessary to be ‘ready for kindergarten.’ Others are unsure, but will ask teachers about it because “my friend’s kids get a worksheet every night.”Preschool-boy-LEARN

Homework is always a hot topic – there’s even a Teen Mom video trending right now, captioned “when did Pre-K start homework,” with a clip of Maci’s son working hard.

For sake of clarity, homework is completely unnecessary in an early childhood setting. Our littlest learners learn best through active, hands-on play and real-life experiences. Parents may need teachers to articulate that, explaining why worksheets and workbooks are not age-appropriate.

Please help families understand that an open-ended experience – like painting, playing with blocks, or even free play outside – is encouraging the development of essential school readiness skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. These “soft skills” are precursors to academic success!

If you are feeling pressured to assign homework in your early childhood classroom, there are just a few acceptable options:

  • Read a book with a caring adult.
  • Play outside.

Feel free to assign the above as often as you’d like, knowing that this ‘homework’ is age appropriate for learners of all ages.


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