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December 27, 2011

For Toddler Teachers

Dear Toddler,

Caring for you is quite a challenge,
For I have to be quick on my feet to keep up
with your boundless energy.
I had to learn to read your cues
for it is not always clear when I should help or
when you need to try to do it on your own.

I have to be readily available to you always,
to snuggle,
sometimes just to nod
and other times to be a secure base,
from which you leave to explore
but to come back
when you need.

Together, we are finding that sensitive balance
and understanding of each other.

Caring for you is rewarding,
A worthwhile challenge,
filled with growth and development of you
and of me as I, too, uncovered,
through your discoveries,
the simple joys and the excitement
of the newness of it all
that I had forgotten so long ago.

Together, we shared the excitement about the magical
wonder of life.

Caring for you is my gift to you,
for I understand
you will not remember much about me,
what we did together,
what we explored together,
what we learned together,
but from me
I pray you will get
a love of learning and discovering
a sense of trust and worthiness
that you will take with you
into the future
learning experiences and relationships.

Together, dear toddler, we have laid the foundation for
a lifetime.

Your teacher

Catlin, C., & Catlin, C. (1996). More toddlers together: The complete planning guide for a toddler curriculum, volume II. Beltsville, Md: Gryphon House.