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September 10, 2015

“Each interaction is a choice.”


In this quick blog post, the author makes the point that every interaction with others is a choice. His comments reminded me of something we often say at Doodle Bugs!: “Every interaction is an opportunity to make a moment, or break a spirit.” — that “take a moment to make a moment” philosophy is one that I think of often.

The part of his blog that really hit home, though, was the comment that “progress is almost always a series of choices.” I can’t stop thinking about the amazing progress we can (collectively!) make, simply by making an effort to “make a moment” every day. 

Every time you choose to “make a moment” — which can be as simple as sharing a warm smile or greeting someone by name — you’re making a choice to be present, to connect, and to build a better relationship. You’re making a choice to show children, their families, and your coworker that you value and respect them. 

Not surprisingly, when people feel like you care about them, they trust you to be responsive — and their overall happiness improves. 

So, with a series of choices — simple choices to extend kindness, warmth, and positivity — you have the potential to make such progress! You have the potential to make a moment… and to make a meaningful difference. ❤️


Contributed by Christina Fecio, Director of Education