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September 27, 2011

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #82

In today’s edition of Team Tuesday, we’re happy to announce a brand new blog! Designed exclusively for the doodle team, our new wordpress site www.doodlebugsteachers.wordpress.com is up and running!

“Teamwork divides the task
and multiplies the success. 
– Author Unknown

Our goal is to provide team members with an opportunity to connect with one another. If you’ve ever wished you could bounce ideas off of a teacher at another doodle location, this blog is for you!

The Education Team will use the new blog to introduce discussion topics, provide curriculum support and share news about educational trends. Every doodle team member is encouraged to use the ‘comments’ section as a discussion forum. If you’re a veteran teacher, please chime in with helpful hints for our newest team members. New teachers, please ask lots of questions – and share your expertise, too!

Our shared commitment to continuous improvement is one of the most important doodle differences. Please take advantage of this new opportunity to show that you CARE.