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February 8, 2011

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #51

“A kind word is like a Spring day. “
– Russian Proverb

It is always a pleasure to highlight the ways that our talented teachers touch the lives of their students and their families. Our commitment to building a community of happy children, happy parents and happy  teachers begins with team members who genuinely CARE.

Today’s edition of Team Tuesday features Kylee and Aleshia, two of the terrific team members at our Webster center. Families frequently comment on the ‘little ways’ that Kylee and Aleshia make their children feel ‘at home’ at the center.

Recently, Ryan’s parents submitted a comment card remarking: “Thanks to Miss Kylee and Miss Aleshia for doing letters with Ryan – now she loves to do them!”

Andrea’s dad also complimented Classroom 7 (and gave everyone a good laugh!) when he noted: “Please stop treating Andrea so nicely and making sure she has fun – she never wants to leave!”

Thanks, Kaylee and Aleshia, for your efforts to make every doodle day delightful!

PS – Parents, we want to hear about your experiences with our terrific team members! Please complete a comment card at the front desk, email customer.service@ doodlebugs.com, or leave a comment here!