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December 1, 2015

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #240

We understand that our amazing team members are the heart of our program’s success! In today’s edition of Team Tuesday, we’re pleased to feature several team members who have recently been recognized for their efforts to deliver a personalized doodle experience.

At the Webster Center, Nicole Barron was recognized by Liz Vandetti:

NOTHING BUT SMILES – Nicole Barron comes to work everyday with a smile on her face! You can see her smiling when she is engaging with her babies. She smiles and greets everyone that comes into her room including both teachers and parents. And you can always catch a smile when you pass her in the hallway. The best part of Nicole’s smile… it’s genuine. You can tell that she loves what she does and believes in the 10 foot rule. Thank you, Nicole, for adding so much light to the Webster center. Your kind and genuine nature is an asset to our team.

At the West Amherst Center, Stephanie Fuqua and Erica Lorenzetti were recognized by Amanda Maltbie:

STAR TEACHERS – Classroom 11 definitely deserves recognition for numerous things. The children all talk about your classroom and how “cool” you both are. When I come into your classroom to say “hi” it’s clear why. There are ALWAYS smiles when I come in, the kids are always engaged in special activities that are geared to their interests. You both go above and beyond and it’s inspiring to myself. You give me ideas of how I can better the children’s experience in my classroom at DoodleBugs!. Also, you both are so welcoming, I feel comfortable coming to with any questions that I may have or just to have a laugh. I have parents of my current children who talk so highly of your classroom. This pushes me to have that impact on my kids so families will continue to talk about classroom 9 and the fun and love they experienced after they move on.
At the Lancaster Center, Katie Hughes was recognized by Pam Spath:

GREAT TRANSITION IDEAS – I would like to recognize Katie from the Lancaster location for the transition ideas she implements in her classroom. This particular classroom has very active toddlers and sometimes it can be a challenge to help them transition into the next activity. Katie always seems to have a song up her sleeve to use for Circle Time (find a letter), Yoga time (ie; Oh What’s in my Yoga Box), or time to go outside (Touch a Cubby) just to name a few. There are even times where she makes up her own tune. The children immediately know what activity is coming up next and you can see the excitement on their faces! Thanks for all you do Miss Katie!


At the Lake Worth Center, Leah Rinaldi was recognized by Rich Miniconzi:

Leah, Thank you for taking the time to talk to another faculty member in regards to parent communication. You acknowledged a moment that you could mentor and assist another teacher in how to talk to parents- directly, with positive praise and feedback. This example of mentoring is appreciated at our center. Because you have great techniques in talking with parents, you were able to mentor another faculty member that was struggling. Supporting each other is how we grow together.


Thank you to Nicole, Stephanie, Erica, Katie, and Leah for these examples of the many ways that doodle team members show that they CARE. We also extend our appreciation to Liz, Amanda, Pam, and Rich for taking the time to spot and celebrate these examples of team members demonstrating “the Doodle Bugs! way” — together, we’re building an amazing community of happy children, happy parents, and happy teachers!