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October 22, 2013

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #177

For this week’s Team Tuesday we would like to recognize Victor faculty members, Caitlin and Kristin!DD

These two make a terrific toddler team. They are always up to creative projects within their classroom, which are in line with what their toddlers need. The Victor location received this email from a parent after Caitlin and Kristin noticed that one of their children was not using their right arm and alerted Mom right away. She recalled he had taken a fall that morning but had not thought any more about it since he was acting fine. She was very thankful for their keen observation and phone call:

“It has been a hectic afternoon and evening! We took Ethan to the doctor and they sent us right to orthopedics for an x-Ray.  He is wearing a splint now and it is possible he has a break, although we can’t tell for sure since his bones are still so small and forming. We will know more as time goes on and see how sensitive his arm is.

DownloadedFileThank you for your diligence in noticing my little guy’s unusual one-armed habits today. Todd and I both feel so lucky that you picked up on his injury and told us right away so that we could get him to the doctor immediately – especially because it was approaching a weekend and we had just enough time to be seen by everyone before the offices closed at 4:30 p.m.!”

So thank you, Caitlin and Kristin, for paying extra attention to the children in your care, knowing their habits, and for being a part of our team. The doodle community is a better place because you CARE!