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February 19, 2013

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #151

In today’s edition Team Tuesday, we are proud to recognize a member of our Henrietta team, Shana Thornton.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We received this wonderful letter from the mother of a child at our center:

“When I started looking for another center and my friend recommended Doodle Bugs!. Two weeks later, we were in (they had started a new toddler class). It was a small group with one teacher, Shana, the person who made our life much easier and happier for a whole year.

On her first day, my daughter didn’t shed a tear! Shana would meet my daughter in the morning, whatever she was doing she would stop and take time to greet my daughter and welcome her into the classroom. The doodle report that I took back home very day was very personalized, and not as general as I had experienced with others.

While watching my daughter on the camera throughout the day, I noticed Shana always is working to get the children involved with her. She reads stories to them in the most narratively expressive ways, my daughter always imitated her at home, reading books for myself and her father – how cute! Socially, I always watch my daughter’s behavior to learn about the way her teacher talks and treats them — and my daughter was great in talking and playing with others, expressing her feelings, apologizing for mistakes … I can’t say enough. It was like I was raising her the whole time.”

Thank you, Shana, for making the doodle community a better place!