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December 11, 2012

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #141

For this week’s Team Tuesday, we would like to recognize a Doodle Bugs! Alumni school age teacher and her friends from the West Coast! image

We received this letter from Nicole Lyke, who taught at our Lancaster Center before accepting a position in San Diego, California teaching children with special needs and providing YMCA home-care for families in the Navy.

“I always think of the children and staff at Doodle Bugs!. A couple of the boys I watch though the YMCA, Grayson, Austin and Levi, wanted to send you all some California love – so we are sending this picture to you. I showed them the Facebook page and they loved looking through all the pictures of the children and the activities they do. They also want to make their own Doodle Bug, so I will have to follow up with that when we make him together. Miss you guys!”

So thank you to Nicole and to our new friends from the California; it’s so nice to see that you’ve carried the ‘doodle difference’ all the way across the country!