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September 25, 2012

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #129

In today’s edition of Team Tuesday, we’re pleased to announce a new way for faculty members to share their talents.

The team members who participated in work groups over the past year were tremendously helpful to us – their efforts resulted in improved training programs (including the revised scavenger hunt), an awesome summer camp program, and many improved operational details.

We’d like to keep the momentum going by inviting additional team members to participate in the ‘Bug Squad’ – quality assurance committees/focus groups that will tackle operational and educational projects.

As with previous initiatives, every position is eligible for participation – past groups have included center assistants, teachers, floaters, and director assistants.

If you are a current Doodle Bugs! employee who has an interest in any of the following areas, Mr. Doodle Bug wants to hear from you:

  • Community Events
  • Customer Service
  • Curriculum
  • Training
  • Daily Operations

Please comment on this post or email christina.fecio@doodlebugs.com to let us know you are interested!