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February 16, 2010

Doodle Bugs! Team Tuesday: Issue #5

Today’s edition of Team Tuesday reminds us that our students and their families take an active role in creating a caring community of learners. It is often said that the finest moments in education are when ‘the student becomes the teacher’. With that thought in mind, we are proud to feature Sabrina, a student in Classroom 11 at our Penfield center.

Team Tuesday: Sabrina (Penfield Center) 

Sabrina’s mom, Shirley, kindly describes her daughter’s recent experience teaching her classmates and teachers about Chinese New Year:

  •  “Every year Sabrina will do something to celebrate this special holiday with her friends at school. Last year, she took a globe to her class. All kids sat around her listening to her talking about China. Sabrina pointed out the place of China and US in the globe and told her friends that when they in USA have sun, kids in China will see moon in darkness, and when it gets dark in USA, the sun will go to China.”
  •  “This year, Sabrina did a presentation at school to over 40 kids and teachers about this great Chinese New Year culture.”
  •  “At the end of the presentation, she performed a magic of fixing a broken fan, sending kids to extreme excitement! Then she gave out chocolate coins as New Year Money.”
  • “Sabrina, this little cute girl, is no doubt the best presenter ever as far as mom knows! This was actually her second time to present. The first one was in last February when she came back from Disney World trip. Teachers adored her style, and mom couldn’t help being proud of her.”

 Thank you, Sabrina and Shirley, for sharing your family’s rich cultural history with us!