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November 26, 2012

Doodle Bugs! Standard of the Week: 11/26/12

This week’s SOTW focuses on maintaining a clean and safe classroom environment. Namely, it provides basic, easy-to-follow guidelines for avoiding cross-contamination.

These simple precautions can help prevent the spread of illness in our centers:

  • DON’T place lunch bins, bowls, or other items on the changing tables.
  • DON’T warm bottles in the handwashing sink.
  • DON’T place trash can lids or dust pans on the tables.
  • DON’T put shoes, boots or carseats on the tables.
  • DON’T use sponges to clean. (Throw them away today!)
  • DON’T use the broom on the tabletop.
  • DON’T place floor toys in a crib,
  • DON’T place/store anything on top of the mats/mat bus.

Please monitor your classroom and be sure your teachers understand your expectations.

The SOTW will be posted for parents to see, in the faculty lounge, and placed in each classroom’s mailslot.

View the current SOTW as a .pdf here: Cross Contamination