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February 27, 2012

Doodle Bugs! Standard of the Week: 02/27/12

This week’s SOTW reminds team members about rest time best practices.

Specifically, learning centers must remain open during rest time and children are never required to sleep. It is especially important to note that it is never appropriate to impose consequences for not sleeping.

  • Books, journals, puzzles and other quiet activities should be provided for every child who is awake on a mat/cot.
  • When children are awake, be sure a light is on or shades are open. Plan ahead: place children who sleep near one another, so you can keep lights off in that half of the room.
  • Rest time is also a great time to take a small group of children to the playroom or outside. Enjoy this time for small group learning & fun.

Please monitor your classrooms during rest time to be sure classroom practices meet your expectations.

View the current SOTW as a .pdf here: 022712_Rest Time