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August 17, 2016

Doodle Bugs! Launches New & Improved Ambassador Program

We are so excited to announce Ambassador Program 2.0! Last year, our inaugural year of the concept, turned out to be such a great experience. We all learned so much and it left us anxious to introduce a new and improved version of the program. The first meeting was held last week and it was awesome! We had representation from all 13 of our centers which includes the regions of Buffalo, NY, Rochester, NY, Pittsburgh, PA and South Florida.

Let’s hear from one of our Ambassadors herself, Kelsey Short from our Orchard Park location:

kelsey short

The Ambassador meeting was so interesting, empowering and fun! It was exciting to have the opportunity to decide what we want the Program to bring to our centers and the company as a whole.

This forum was a great way to discuss with other centers, what our goals are and how we plan on accomplishing them. Caroline [Director of Customer Relations] began the meeting by asking us to define what the ambassadors would be–such a great conversation starter! We were able to dig into what we wanted to do as the Ambassadors and all the ways we could promote excellence company-wide.

The guest speakers at the meeting inspired us about what we could accomplish. I loved Toni’s [Doodle Bugs! Education Specialist] training on how to build resilience and bounce back quickly. We learned that by building connections, accepting change, working toward a goal and keeping a clear head and open mind, we can bounce back and recover quickly from all situations.

ambassador meeting

We also heard from Christina [Director of Education]–who always delivers an inspiring session; Ruby [Recruitment Specialist]; Kate [Marketing Manager] and Lindsay [Behavior Specialist]. 

The mission of the Ambassador program is to unite the centers and to find our common goals. Caroline had us each set 30, 60 and 90-day goals as Ambassadors. I have already started implementing mine and I am really excited to bring my feedback to the next meeting. The entire concept of the Ambassador program is wonderful–I feel inspired and empowered and am so excited to see where this leads!


Thank you, Kelsey and all of our Ambassadors for your dedication to continued excellence at Doodle Bugs! We look forward to all the ways that your hard work will benefit the entire Doodle Community. Here’s to a great year ahead!